Audits & Assurance

Statutory Audit of Companies & LLP

These are Financial Audits governed under the statute binding on the legal or financial status of the organization. Our Audit and Assurance Solutions help clients not only achieve their regulatory objective as an Attest function, but also achieve control over the business objective from an accounting and financial perspective. We at D G Shah & Co incorporate ideal practices that are customized in accordance with the capacity of an organization. We continuously engage with our clients to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosures and we aim to provide constructive, value-added delivery. Our auditing services help clients to realize their organizational objectives.

Statutory Audit of Branches of Public Sector Banks

The audit of Banks is mandated by the Reserve Bank of India through its regulatory framework. The audit of Banks (both Statutory Audit & Concurrent Audit) supports the system of Banking and act as a fact-finding mechanism under the financial domain. At DG Shah & Co, we follow a rigorous regime of training the staff for conduct of the audit.

Tax Audits

Income Tax law mandates compulsory audit of the accounts of an entity if the annual gross turnover/receipts exceed a specified limit. The audit has to be conducted on the basis of tax laws and its compliances by the business entity. Our firm D G Shah & Co has been in taxation services for over 55 years and has trained and professional staff in conducting the tax audits of various business entities. The Division is headed by the partners themselves who have long experience in conduct of tax audits.

Audit of Trusts & Societies

There are special accounting rules for trust accounts and a Trust Audit is designed to ensure compliance with accounting rules. There are various acts under which the trust or society are required to get their accounts audited. Income tax law also mandates separate audit of Trust / Societies. We have vast experience in dealing with the Trust Accounts and Audits and have been conducting the audits for various trust and societies.

Due Diligence Audits & Reports

In business, a due diligence audit is basically a careful investigation into the complete financial picture of a company. Generally, these audits come before a purchase, merger or other major decision that could negatively influence the finances of one or more businesses. These audits are generally used to ensure that no hidden liabilities exist. Our objective is to improve future performance of the organization by forecasting of potential risk outcomes and attempting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing business processes

Stock Audits

A stock audit is a process that refers to physical verification of the inventory which includes evaluation of inventory items. The stock audit process is necessary to reduce the avoidable investment on stocks or inventory to ensure proper balance in the company. , It becomes easy to ascertain the assets in a business with the function of stock audit in place and to secure better financial terms from a funding institution. We conduct the audit as per terms of reference and requirement of the clients to deliver the accurate results.